Graham Calabria has quickly emerged as one of Charleston’s premier Chefs - blending his Southern roots, heritage, and eclectic culinary background with an innovative style to create truly unique flavors and experiences. 

Graham grew up in Asheville, NC, where the experience of living among some of the oldest mountains in the world - fishing in its trout streams and harvesting fresh produce in local mountain farms - first awakened his passion for the culinary arts. 

His professional career began at a cooking competition between the Lee Brothers of Charleston and Chef Brian Sonoskus of Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown Asheville. Chef Sonoskus, impressed with Graham's skills and passion for the industry, offered him an apprentice position, where at a young age he found himself embarking on the launch of a rapidly expanding restaurant empire. In these impressionable years, Graham also frequently traveled to Charleston, staging in Chef Sean Brock’s McCrady’s kitchen. 

Eager for more experience, Graham traveled through South America, savoring new techniques, flavor profiles, and ingredients. His time abroad helped to sharpen his perspective and fuel his love for the food industry, and he brought these experiences and flavors to his cooking in Asheville at Zambra Tapas and Wine Bar under Chef Adam Bannasch. 

Settling in Charleston in 2018, Graham’s career in the culinary mecca took off under the tutelage of Chefs Kelly Franz & Donald “Vito” Drake at the prestigious Magnolia’s. Upon familiarizing himself with the city’s local purveyors, farmers, and fishermen, he was offered the executive chef position at Barsa Tapas Lounge. Most recently Graham teamed up to celebrate and advance sustainable seafood on James Island with the launch of CudaCo. 

From prepping bespoke feasts for quiet meals at home to catering lavish events, Graham is thrilled to continue his culinary adventures and bring his experience to your table with the opening of Calabria’s Fine Foods. 

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