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When it comes to meal-time, you've got a lot of options. Some offer convenience, some offer nutrition, and some offer the foods you crave. We offer all three.

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How does Calabria’s meal delivery service work?

Our meal delivery service allows you to skip meal planning and grocery shopping. Calabria’s serves fresh, pre-portioned locally sourced meals right to your door. First, choose your meals from our options on our website before Sunday at noon. You’ll choose from a variety of healthy meals put together by our chef. Then, you’ll receive those meals the next Wednesday, you can expect your cellphone to alert you when the driver is on their way to you. You can skip a week or cancel all together if your needs change.

Why choose Calabria’s for your meal kit service?

When buying from Calabria’s, you know your dollar supports local businesses, improving our economy, and sustaining local farmers and fishmongers. Graham Calabria was the youngest Executive Chef in Charleston, with a resume spanning Barsa Tapas Lounge, Magnolia’s, Blossom, The Darling Oyster Bar, & CudaCo. Seafood House amongst many other restaurants in other cities and countries. His experience in the lowcountry allows for sourcing the freshest local produce, seafood, and meats. Our meals guarantee less food waste! The average American throws away almost a third of the food they acquire, and divided among the nearly 128.6 million us households, the waste could cost the average household roughly $1,866 per year*. In contrast, Calabria’s delivers the perfect amount of food — everything you need for supper, nothing else — resulting in less food waste. Calabria’s prides itself on minimizing our carbon footprint. In fact, our reusable packaging eliminates single use waste and keeping ingredients local is a no brainer on reducing carbon emissions from transportation. Imagine if whole neighborhoods were traveling back and forth between grocery stores, as opposed to one organization traveling from the farmer directly to your doorstep.


What foods does Calabria’s offer?

Because of our local, sustainable, and fresh standards Calabria’s cooks seasonal foods produced in the lowcountry. For a complete list take a look below at one of our online resource’s crop calendars to have an idea of what’s in season when. Please note that this is a suggestion, because of anomalies in weather and climate we will always have variances.

How much does Calabria’s meal service cost?

We have a sliding pay scale based on the frequency of your orders, if you purchase 1-2 meals a week you will pay $25/meal, purchasing 3-5 times a week and your cost drops to $20/meal, if you buy more than 5 meals a week we can offer the meals to you at $15/meal. Delivery is considered in our costs and the only thing you will have to pay on top of the price of your meals is a hospitality sales tax of 11%. Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated and will be distributed throughout the staff.

How many times a week does Calabria’s deliver?

We deliver on Wednesdays.

Does Calabria’s support a healthy lifestyle?

Absolutely. Calabria’s offers a wide array of flavorful and nutritious meal options that cater to a range of dietary needs, making use of crisp, seasonal vegetables and other fresh produce & locally sourced meats.

Can I skip a week of delivery?

Yes. With our meal service, you are in control. If you don’t want to receive a meal on a particular week for whatever reason, you don’t have to. To avoid charges when skipping a week, you simply need to not place an order before the cut off Sunday at noon the week before. Pausing or canceling your meal delivery orders should be done by noon on Sunday the week before you expect to receive your meals. Note that you will be charged on all orders that you place.


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Calabria's was founded by Chef Graham Calabria as a way to share his cooking with the greater Charleston area. The services provided by Calabria's offer patrons a chance to eat the best cuisine the Lowcountry has to offer.


Calabria's offers a variety of services, from private feasts for an intimate gathering to catering your wedding day, you can also find Chef Graham collaborating with local chefs, venues, & purveyors in Pop-Up restaurants around Charleston, if that's not enough the meal delivery service will satiate your needs for Calabria's cooking on a weekly basis.